Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 3 – Friday Assignment

A copy of the class email

FYI – all the files that I have received are here:

Note: one of the reasons that I asked for the files to be named scott_clip_1, scott_clip_2, etc. was so that I would not have an “unknown” folder. [I don’t know who interviewed “Malcolm” and there was nothing in the accompanying YouSendIt file to clue me in.]

Missing: Adam, Gwen, Reisha [one of you is the “unknown” folder]

Assignment purposes:

(1) To acquaint you with the challenges of finding good sound bites.

Most of you worked within the constraint of the assignment — 2-3 good quotes. As I mentioned in class, quotes are usually in the 10-20 second range. Some of you merely demonstrated that you could edit using Audacity – which was also one of the purposes of the assignment.

(2) To acquaint you with a way to convert files from any web-enabled computer, using Zamzar. Now, if you find yourself in the field or having to use someone else’s computer to transmit files, you know how to convert to an MP3.

(3) To acquaint you with a way to “email” large files to people — other than sending as an attachment. Why are large attachments “bad” or “poor etiquette”?

First, many people have a limit on the size of their mailboxes; large files can cause them to execed their limits and render their email inoperable.

Second, some systems, like the one at UW, “protect” customers from .exe and .zip files — because those two file types are used to transmit viruses. See how the UW treats zip files.

Third, download links from free services like Zamzar have a short (24 hour) life but those from free services like YouSendIt have a one-week life.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to free file-hosting services.


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