Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 3 – Monday

Newsprint, Meet Multimedia
Subtitle: Picking The Medium That Best Tells The Story

  • Housekeeping (assignments – reminder about newsroom deadlines and completing blog profiles)
  • Multimedia
  • Twitter (Amazon)

What Is Multimedia?

Twitter as News Source: #AmazonFail


  • Twitter Search
  • TweetDeck
  • Twhirl
  • TwitPic

Group Project

Blog established – everyone is an administrator

Lab – follow these two sites


For Wednesday

  • Blog & tweet (one blog post, three tweets): three examples of good audio stories (not sites, stories) – by 8 am
  • Bring recording of an interview you’ve conducted – at least 10 minutes (on any subject);  remember your headphones (ear buds ok)



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2 Responses

  1. kegill says:

    What makes a good multimedia story?

    * chose media that best serve the story
    * variety of multimedia (experience thru text, photo, video, audio)
    * capture attention (relevance)
    * link to similar topics (tagging or explicit)
    * recommendation links based on other reader actions
    * using multimedia for context and emotion
    * user-friendly access (don’t auto-start)
    * be careful with moving images (visual spam)
    * subtitles are helpful (blogs)
    * enable reader engagement (comments etc)
    * package multimedia for bigger stories

  2. pc britz says:

    Concerning Skype Recording: I recommend Skype Call Recorder (Kathy’s last link). It is free, produces mp3-files and works just fine :-)

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