Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 2 – Wednesday

Today’s Agenda:

Wednesday: Multimedia

Group Project

  • Future of News – News 2019 – ?
  • Resource collection this week (your two links). How to aggregate? One idea: Zoho Create. See this example. Or, cross-post to blog for the project. Or create a wiki. Other ideas?
  • Team roles

WordPress In-Class

  • About Me
  • Snap Preview – turn off
  • RSS link – enable “meta” in widgets

Twitter In-Class

Before Class Monday:

  • Create an account at NewsU(niversity)
  • Complete This NewsU Tutorial: Telling Stories With Sound
    You will need to send the “course report” to me – kegill [at]
    Complete this by 8 am on Monday
  • Blog post with three examples of “good” news site multimedia and three examples of “bad” news site multimedia. Explain your choices. Categorize post as assignment.
  • Four more tweets related to class. Remember your hashtags!



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2 Responses

  1. kegill says:

    * Time w/computer correlates with amount and type of media consumption
    * Shorter attention spans
    * TV/Radio – we have less patience because they pushing stuff at us whether we want it or not
    * Habits correlate with media consumption (autopilot – HOV lane example)
    * Accessibility
    * Alternative news sources online: blogs and other non-MSnews sources
    * Future of news seems more like conversation rather than one-way
    * Transparency
    * Mobile makes connections instant, anywhere (on top of mountain)
    * Makes it easy for us to cocoon
    * Going ‘deep’ by exploring other voices on the same story
    * “Tease” can backfire -> send you searching early

  2. kegill says:

    * Issue of retention
    * Harder to keep track of your own sources – where did I get info from?

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