Digital Journalism

COM466 – University of Washington

Week 2 – Monday

Today’s Agenda:

  • Housekeeping (review assignments completed)
  • Class skill set (review – pdf)
  • Media Consumption summary (only half completed – why? – makes it hard to discuss)
  • Practicing comments (preparing for today’s discussion)
    Read this week’s post and provide comment to the three people who follow you in the alpha list of blog posts
  • Twitter (ppt)

Twitter – In Class

  • Kathy: demo and
  • Set up Twitter accounts (not private/protected – OK to set up a separate account for this class)
  • Add to our student page (give me your @name)
  • To start, follow one another as well as:
    @kegill_uw (optional: @kegill)

Before Class Wednesday

  • Find and follow an additional 10 people related to digital journalim
  • Find one article about Twitter & journalism – blog it and Tweet it
  • Find one article about the future of journalism – blog it and Tweet it

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One Response

  1. kegill says:

    Themes from readings (from students):

    Fear – what can tech use to shape our future content-related professions. How am I going to get paid.
    New biz models
    Everyone can publish (blog) w/out verification – weakening the news industry
    Marketing/advertising affected because it’s so easy to find reviews, real users talking about product
    Biz can’t credit a watered down message – need to facilitate a conversation
    How quickly new digital tech has proliferated – not exclusive to certain social or economic demographic
    Letting someone else provide input allows other voices but anonymity can jeopardize the message
    Change in relationship between journalist and audience

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